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The Loss of a Pet

The other day my neighbour arrived at my door saying, "I've got a box of cat litter for you." My heart sank because the only reason people give away cat litter is because they no longer have a cat. I asked her what happened and heard the sad story of an elderly, ill cat leaving this world. We chatted for a little bit and I reassured her that this is something to be very sad over as I could tell she thought I might think her odd for being upset over a cat. People without pets often think it's nothing to lose a pet. I had another friend who finally got a dog in her 50's and was astonished at how quickly and totally this little animal became such an important and loved family member. That's all she talked about for a long time.

I decided to send my neighbour a card letting her know that I understood the loss of a pet as I have lost many over the years. I certainly appreciated someone recognizing my loss and loneliness that comes without having a furry friend in the home any longer.

This is the card I sent, but I have sent others over the years, cats & dogs.

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