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Groundhog Day

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It is pretty cliché to say it has felt like Groundhog Day since 2020. In 2020 here in Ontario we were starting to think about lockdowns with a mix of puzzlement and terror. China was shutting down places by the millions and it was quite startling. I remember thinking, "well, I will get so much done". Then Covid Inertia set in where all I could do was watch the news, scroll madly through Twitter and make grocery lists.

One year later here we are in another lockdown but this time I am getting stuff done. I made a whole new website with a brand new provider. It's published and working. Only took a few days, well maybe 6 days but much better than last time.

I have to start working at getting my cards noticed more in the big wide world. This is hard because like most artists I mostly want to make art. Here is what is new for Easter along with a few of my classics.

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