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Christmas is coming

This is the time of year that I spend a lot of time making cards. I always tell myself I will start in July and I sort of did this year, but all I did was think of some ideas so I started to scramble, as usual. This year I seemed to pick a lot of stars. No idea why, just liked the cards. When I started making these cards, I made many different cards because it was fun. I would pick which one went to which person and that was fun too. After a few years, however, I had to keep a list so I sent different cards to people. I had to turn it to an excel spread sheet to add birthday's, new babies, new homes, new job cards, thank you and so on. So I eventually started only making a few cards for Christmas so it was easier tracking. This is such a fun time for me I hate it if it gets too rushed so I do not have the time to really try new things as well.

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